Steve's irony

The news of the death of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile hunter spread like wild fire. As soon as the words 'Croc hunter is dead' fell on my ears, my brain cells automatically deduced that he must have been killed by a crocodile. What else? He spent all his life amongst deadly crocodiles and alligators! His life was at risk every time he stepped into a lake or a sea, or touched an alligator or cuddled a crocodile. For someone whose life hung from a crocodile's sharp tooth, to be killed by a creature which is termed harmless, is a big irony. I guess he would be have been proud of himself, if he was killed by a crocodile. He would have imagined himself being gnawed by hungry reptiles, but I bet he wouldn't have even dreamt that he would be stung by a stingray. What an irony.