Admiration at zeroeth sight?

How often does it happen that you meet a person and start liking her instantly? Well, it had never happened to me until yesterday.

I saw this girl in one of the numerous trainings that I have to attend as a new joinee. We didn't exchange words - oh, even our eyes hadn't met! She was introducing herself to the rest of the team and what attracted me towards her was her language and her simplicity. She was totally care free, not a hint of hesitation or consciousness in her voice. She was talking as if there was nobody else in the room. Her English was impeccable and she was oozing with confidence.

I switched places so that I could sit next to her and we exchanged a few words. The admiration was mutual - she too seemed quite impressed about me! Well, I don't know why she was impressed - I can't praise myself!

We have decided to meet over lunch so that we can take this forward! Gosh, do I sound like I am in a romantic relationship? Oh no, I am married and I am a girl.