A weekend all about food

This weekend, the cook in me was on a high and I tried my hand at three new food items. No disappointments, all of them turned out well.

I was bored with the usual rice items I make and wanted to try out something different. A quick search on the net revealed this mouth watering Sanjeev Kapoor's recipe of Baoli Handi. I made a few changes to the original recipe. I didn't use beans, peas and cauliflower - because I didn't have them. I put a pinch of garam masala along with the chilli powder. The result was an all new, delicious and nutritious rice item. For once, my husband liked a new recipe!

The next item was not really a recipe, but a new dish. MTR's Spicy Idly instant mix. This is a newer and improved version of MTR's Rava Idly mix. The method is the same. Add curd and coriander and steam. All done in 15 minutes. Idlys were yummy. They were not really spicy, but had a mild taste of their own.

Snacks time. I tried out Nupur's recipe of Suralichi Vadi. It is a Maharashtrian delicacy and fairly easy to make. It doesn't take long - max 20 minutes, so a perfect snack when you have unexpected guests. Her recipe is so well explained, I couldn't have goofed up anywhere. The microwave version is a savior, it is so easy to cook in the microwave oven. The Vadi turned out really well. Some of the vadis didn't roll off the plate well. I am guessing I didn't spread the mixture evenly on the plate. I will keep this in mind for next time.


Nupur said...

Your suralichi wadi looks great. Thanks for trying the recipe, and I am glad it worked for you.