About Me

As I begin my journey in the blogger world, let me attempt to make a few things clear.

What is Soul Kadhi?
For starters, it's the title of my blog.
It's a dish made in the coastal areas of Karnataka (and Maharashtra, I think.) It's made of Amsol (or kokum) which has a sour tangy taste like tamarind. It's usually eaten with rice. I am waiting for the day when I get to taste this dish.

Why Soul Kadhi?
Because I do some soul searching and some sole talking. Actually, there is no reason why I chose that name. I just closed my eyes and thought of a title for my blog and this name popped up. I didn't want to upset the name, I decided to keep it.

Who are you?
Anamika. Anonymous. Nameless.

Why do you want to be anonymous?
Why do you need a name for all the words that you read here? You are going to read the same words whether my name is Anamika or Madonna. (Actually, the latter may get more hits to my blog). So, does it matter what my name is?

What is this blog about?
Good question. Next question please...

No, serisouly. What is this blog about?
Well, this blog is the visible form of my thoughts, my opinions, my feelings... my life.

Why should I read this blog?
You don't have to. I write for myself. You are free to read it, if you want to. Comment, complain, praise, accuse, throw a tantrum about things that I write here. I may choose to ignore them. Ha!

If you are writing for yourself, why not keep a diary?
Good point. I do keep a diary. The reason why I am putting it out for the whole world to see is that some soul might connect with what I am saying and might resonate. To evoke emotions, reactions, thoughts in people who care to read what's written here.

Ok, enough questions, take me to the blog.
Right. http://soulkadhi.blogspot.com