Murphy at his best

Having spent three wonderful days lazing around in an awesome place, sitting here in the office and actually working sounds like a death sentence. One can't do much about it and hence I am trying to console myself by doing something fun - blogging.

Kodaikanal is a great place to chill out - literally! The place is unique in its own way - it has a perfect balance of commercialization and isolation. A tourist who wants to be treated like God - travel agents running around him, shopkeepers trying to lure him and 5 star hotels making him feel like God-- can be contented with what Kodai offers. On the other hand, a tourist who wants to be left alone, far away from the mad crowd, to be one with the nature and its serenity will find Kodai as the place to be in. Quite contrasting, yet true. The lake which is in the heart of the city is the perfect example. One can sit on the lake side with a book in hand and listening to the soft music played by the lake water and still can see the real world on the other side of the lake - crowded shops, buzzing people and the luring shopkeepers and be happy that one is not part of that mad world.

This was one memorable vacation. Murphy was at his best - everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Even then, this trip is close to my heart.