To go or not to go

Just when I was thinking of the lush green views and the peaceful hours and the break that I was going to have from the routine life, I am down with fever. I was all fine until a few days back and suddenly--bang! "Hi there, we are your new neighbors - fever, cold and cough. Hope you enjoy our company." The only question that comes to my mind is, "Why? Why me?" (Well, those are actually two questions.)

To go or not to go is the question. Should I risk my health and go ahead and take the much needed break (even if that means sitting within four walls of a posh hotel on a beautiful hill station)? Should I think of all the sufferings that I would have to go through after coming back and just stay at home and take rest?

After giving it some thought (a lot, actually), I have decided not to be a chicken! Instead, I will ram like a bull and take the risk as it comes. Misty mountains, here I come.