Hats off, cop!

What comes to your mind when you hear 'Police', that too 'Indian Police'? A middle aged man in khaki, with a pot belly and a lathi in hand? If you are south Indian, you might visualize a thick black moustache and if you are Maharashtrian, your police might be chewing paan.

Whatever be it, when one thinks of police, one rarely visualizes efficiency, alacrity, co-operation or a friendly face. This site changed my view and it might change yours too. This blog is maintained by the Dakshina Kannada police Superintendent, Dayananda B. The blog has records of the crime rate on a daily basis. One can find a detailed list of the number of crimes, their type and who the victims were. Pretty impressive to see something like this that too from a segment of the government which is known for its corruption and poor quality of work.

Coopersblog is a UK based blog which keeps track of police blogs across the world. This site has praised Dayananda's blog as the best cop blog ever. That is one recognition Mr. Dayananda will be proud of.

Its time people back home took notice of Mr. Dayananda's efforts.