Baby, it's a dog's world

Living in one of the posh localities of Bangalore has its own plus points. I get to witness such weird things at times that I start wondering if I am on a different planet altogether.

Rich people have their own priorities and they nowhere match mine (No, I am not rich). A typical rich woman will look like this: weird clothes, streaked hair, some garish colored lipstick, wrinkles all over and the nose so high up in the air that it almost chokes on ozone and the most important accessory - a puppy. The uglier it looks, the better. Even the puppy may have lipstick on it sometimes -- that comes from all the mushy kisses it gets from its owner. So, she will walk down the road, with this haughty look, her purse in one hand and the puppy in the other. Just a few steps behind her, you will see lady who no doubt is her helper/maid/servant and she is carrying a kid. The kid doesn't really belong there, because it's very obvious the baby is not the helper's but the owner's! Let me get this straight - you need a helper to carry your baby around, but you can carry that stinking puppy all around? You don't care if the baby is hungry, but the moment your poodle barks you are ready with a feeding bottle?

I know what the baby must be thinking: "Baby, it's a dog's world. I wish I was a dog."